Hepatitis C Testing

When testing for Hepatitis C, the test we use is called the Hepatitis C Surface Antibody Test.

How does the test work?

This simple blood test screens for the presence of your body’s antibodies for the Hepatitis C virus in the bloodstream, as opposed to looking for the virus itself directly. Once exposed to the virus, your body begins to produce antibodies. This test is accurate as early as 8 weeks after possible infection. If you tested positive for Hepatitis C, there were antibodies present in your blood.

Why is it so important to get tested?

Testing for Hepatitis C is particularly important to your health as this disease can become chronic and have significant consequences for your health. With early detection, treatment options and prognosis are much better. Long-term damage from a Hepatitis C infection can include

If I’m positive, is it treatable?

Yes, there are treatments available for Hepatitis C.

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