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Unlike many other STD testing options, our goal is to provide the fastest and most accurate test results so you can be sure of your status.

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Convenience and confidentiality.

To ensure no one has access to your results but you, your results are made available through a secure login unique to your order. Results are updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and typically will only take 24-72 hours to process. If you would prefer to call, simply contact a care counselor for a complete consultation on your test results. We will never contact you directly, either by phone or mail, regarding your test or the results without prior consent. We are in compliance with all state and federal regulations governing the reporting of positive test results to ensure you are not contacted in the event of a reactive test. Your protected health information (PHI) is protected by HIPAA to ensure nothing will ever be made public or be accessible by parties other than yourself.

Medically reviewed by Hillary Davidson
Reviewed on November 1, 2019