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Syphilis tests are used to identify the presence of syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the presence of the bacteria Treponema pallidum in the body. This test is often offered at urgent care centers or through healthcare providers. However, these testing options often require verbal requests for testing, awkward waiting rooms or painful swabbing.

At Priority STD Testing, we value your dignity, your comfort and your time. Our online scheduling system makes it easy to locate a testing facility in your area so you’re in and out without unnecessary hoops or hurdles. Our syphilis tests never involve uncomfortable physicals or swabbing. Just a quick and easy blood test.

Verified STD testing provider by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 12/01/2020.
Recognized member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015.
Named best STD test provider by Healthline on 03/24/2021.

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How Syphilis Testing Works

There are two primary methods, rapid plasma reagin (RPR) and venereal disease research laboratory (VDRL) tests, to identify a syphilis infection—both blood tests.

A healthcare professional will extract a blood sample from either your hand or your arm using a small needle. This procedure usually lasts less than 5 minutes. Once your test is completed, results will be available within 24 to 72 hours through a private, online portal.

A blood test is definitely not something most people look forward to. That’s why our tests are FDA-approved and performed at CLIA-certified labs to give you peace of mind and confidence in your results. Our care counselors are also available to help you through the process, understand your results and determine routes for treatment.

A possible syphilis diagnosis can feel overwhelming and even scary, but letting it go untreated can cause irreparable damage to the nervous system. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the testing process with easy ordering, accurate testing, and quick results in just 3 steps.

At Priority STD, we make sure scheduling is simple, testing is non-invasive, and the cost is straightforward. Our goal is to get your results quickly and accurately while ensuring support every step of the way. Order online, visit a local testing center and get results within 24 to 72 hours.

Have Questions?

Your test results are accessible through a secure login unique to your order, updated 24 hours a day including partial results. Once your final results are available, you'll be notified by email discreetly. Test results are expedited as a rush order and typically process just 24-72 hours after visiting the collection facility. If you have questions about your results or require a treatment consult, our care counselors are just a phone call away. Nothing will ever be sent to your home or healthcare provider to respect your privacy.
We understand that STD testing can be an embarrassing experience. We utilize Quest Diagnostics collection sites that are discreet and nondescript. This means you will never be singled out for getting tested, and nobody in the lobby will know your reason for visiting. You will never be sent to a public clinic, health department, or doctors office.
Even after you have selected a testing site, you can switch locations any time you wish. Your lab order can be used at all Quest Diagnostics collection sites within the same state without having to change your lab order. If you wish to test in a different state, simply call to speak with a care counselor who can update your requisition. There are no fees associated with switching testing sites either.
All of the tests we offer are FDA approved and performed in CLIA certified labs to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Some STDs require that you wait a period of time after sexual contact before getting tested. Each disease has a different latency period, so understanding when to test is important. If you have questions, our care counselors are happy to walk you through the process, start to finish.
No fasting is required for any type of test we offer. If you are testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis, please ensure that you have not urinated for at least one hour prior to visiting the testing center.
To use your health insurance, we are able to provide all of the necessary information to file a self-claim. We utilize Quest Diagnostics which is the largest lab network in the nation, therefore most healthcare providers will offer some form of reimbursement. We will never directly bill your insurance to ensure your results are completely private and kept off of your permanent health record.


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