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Knowing how to get tested for STDs is key in maintaining a healthy sex life, and while the STD testing process can be confusing, Priority STD Testing is proud to offer a simple, three-step process that delivers fast, confidential, and accurate results every time.

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Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 10/25/2019

It’s not always easy to determine on your own whether or not you’ve contracted an STD, which makes getting tested for STDs all the more important for sexually active adults. Symptoms can range in severity, mirror those of other STDs, or in many cases, be absent entirely. Practicing safe sex can certainly lower your risk of contracting an STD, but nothing short of abstinence can keep you 100% safe. It is advised that all sexually active adults, especially those with multiple partners or those who suspect they’ve been exposed, make STI testing a regular component of their overall health routine. The sooner you get tested and see results, the sooner you can begin treatment. The earlier an STD is caught, the easier it is to treat (and in many cases, even cure).

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If you ever have questions about getting tested or the services provided by Priority STD Testing, or how these services might best benefit you, our certified sexual health care counselors are available by phone during regular business hours to assist and make sure you are getting the quality care you deserve. We are happy to discuss our STD testing process, help you find a nearby testing center, discuss results, risk factors and/or treatment options, or put you in touch with a partner physician for a prescription or medical advice. Your health is of the utmost importance to us and we’ll do everything in our power to effectively and efficiently get you the answers you need.

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Fortunately, most STDs can be treated if not cured entirely with prescription medication (sometimes as little as one dose). And in most cases, the sooner you get tested and begin treatment, the better your chances of making a fast and complete recovery. For this reason, our STD testing process takes every step to get you your results as quickly as possible. As far as treatment options, we won’t leave you in the dark. At Priority STD Testing, our care counselors are here to counsel you on your next steps after testing. If you receive a positive result, our care counselors are happy to discuss treatment options and even put you in contact with a physician.

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Priority STD Testing is here to make sure you get the testing you need at a price you can afford. For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards as well as the most common online payment options. Our business is listed discreetly as “SFHT” on any banking or credit card statements, but if you prefer an added degree of anonymity, we also accept prepaid Visa gift cards which can be purchased at virtually any convenience store. While we do accept payment by way of health savings accounts (HSA) or flex spending accounts (FSA), we do operate independently of insurance companies. This way, you can be sure your testing history and results will never find their way onto your permanent health records. Learning how to get tested for STDs privately can be stressful, so we aim to protect and respect your privacy at every step of the STD testing process.

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STD Testing Process FAQs

To get same day testing, simply purchase your lab order either online from our website or over the phone with one of our care counselors. Once your order has been placed, you can get tested immediately at any of our local and discreet collection facilities without an appointment. No other patients at the testing center will know your reason for visiting other than to give a routine urine and blood sample.
Your test results are accessible through a secure login unique to your order, updated 24 hours a day including partial results. Once your final results are available, you'll be notified by email discreetly. Test results are expedited as a rush order and typically process just 24-72 hours after visiting the collection facility. If you have questions about your results or require a treatment consult, our care counselors are just a phone call away. Nothing will ever be sent to your home or healthcare provider to respect your privacy.
Our process is 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant. Your lab order and results will never be disclosed to your healthcare provider or personal doctor. All personally identifiable information is kept secure and encrypted while ordering your test and getting your results online or by phone. We are in compliance with all state and federal regulations governing the reporting of positive test results to ensure you are not contacted in the event of a reactive test.
We offer treatment options for patients who test positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis. If you receive a positive result, simply call and speak with a care counselor to schedule a phone consult with a physician. Medication can be called into your local pharmacy, and no office visit is needed. We are partnered with physicians at PWNHealth so treatment can be prescribed if appropriate in all states. You must have a positive result before treatment can be authorized. The physician consult fee is $65.
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