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Using our service, you'll be able to get the testing you need through a process that protects your privacy, your time, your convenience and your comfort.

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About Us

Priority STD Testing provides safe, affordable, convenient and confidential STD testing at testing locations nationwide. We partner with a physician network to make sure you get the care, testing and treatment you need.

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Medical Team

Our team of healthcare experts reviews the content on our website for accuracy, guaranteeing that the information you receive is relevant and correct.

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Confidential STD Testing

We know that protecting your privacy can be especially important when getting tested for STDs. In addition to complying with HIPAA privacy regulations, Priority STD Testing goes above and beyond to protect and maintain your confidentiality.

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Couples STD Testing

We believe STD testing should bring couples together, not pull them apart. Getting tested together (and with our couples discount) is an important step in protecting your safety and your relationship.

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Free STD Testing

Free STD Testing sounds appealing, but in a lot of cases, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Testing with Priority STD Testing is affordable and offers more conveniences than free STD testing options.

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Saturday STD Testing

We know you’re busy. That’s why our testing centers are open on Saturdays so that you don’t have to struggle to fit testing into your regular week.

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