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We know that STD testing can be a sensitive and embarrassing situation for many people. While we encourage everyone not to be embarrassed about protecting their sexual health, we know our patients value their anonymity. We’ve got you covered.

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Getting anonymous STD testing is something that concerns a lot of people, and the reasons can be varied. Sometimes, patients are concerned about the embarrassment of going to a clinic or their doctor’s office to get tested, the possibility that a partner, roommate or family member might intercept a message from a clinic or healthcare provider about their testing or STD test results, or knowing that the testing is going to be a part of their health record for the foreseeable future.

Regardless of what privacy concerns you’re worried about with other STD testing experiences, Priority STD Testing has you covered.

Priority STD Testing is your spot for safe, secure, and private STD testing.

Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 11/02/2019

Waiting room or doctor’s office

Sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office or worse, a local STD testing clinic to get tested can be tense. You never know who you might run into, and it can be uncomfortable worrying about how you might explain the nature of your visit or what they might think of you. You might also feel uncomfortable talking to your regular doctor, or even a stranger, about why you’re getting tested or your sexual history.

At Priority STD Testing, these fears are alleviated. In order to get tested, you first set up a testing appointment right here, on our website. You don’t have to talk to anyone before you do so, but if you would like to, our care counselors are available to chat online or over the phone and answer any questions you might have. With thousands of locations all over the United States, finding a convenient and discreet center near you is hassle-free. Once you’ve set up an appointment for testing, you only need to show up at the testing center on time, give your sample, and leave. Tests typically take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish, and our testing centers perform a variety of different kinds of health testing, so no other patients will know what kind of testing you’re having done.

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