Trichomoniasis Testing

We now offer trichomoniasis testing options for both men and women. Trich is commonly asymptomatic, so it is important to get tested to make sure you have not come in contact with the disease. Our simple urine test is quick, confidential, and accurate. We also offer treatment options for trichomoniasis if your results are positive.

Trich Testing Information

How is trichomoniasis transmitted?

It is most commonly transferred through vaginal intercourse. As the infection is most common in the vagina and inside of the penis, it is most easily transmitted through those areas.

Is there a cure for trichomoniasis?

Yes. It is actually very simple to treat with a course of antibiotics Our physicians will prescribe a medication to treat trichomoniasis. It is simple, and you will be on the way to recovery.

*NOTE* We are currently unable to provide treatment to patients in the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, and Vermont.



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