Free STD Testing

There are many STD testing options available to you. Some of those tests may even be advertised as free STD testing. While that may seem appealing, those options are not always the best experience or the best choice for your health. At Priority, we guarantee a fast and easy STD testing experience, with accurate and dependable results.

Benefits of Choosing Priority over Free STD Testing

Faster Appointments

Appointments with a Priority STD Testing Center are fast and virtually pain free. The average visit time is just 10-15 minutes from the time you walk in the door until you are finished and on your way.

No Long Waits

Free testing clinics often struggle with being able to service all of the people in need of testing appointments. This leads to people waiting days to get an appointment or hours in a clinic waiting room. At Priority we offer same day appointments with no long waits like those you would experience at the free clinic.

No Painful Swabs

All of the tests used by Priority STD Testing require only a simple blood draw or urine sample. There’s no painful swabbing and no long, drawn out appointment process.

Fast Results

The best part about testing with Priority is your results will be available to you much faster than other testing centers. You can begin calling us for your test results within 24-72 hours, as opposed to the 1 to 2 weeks you might be waiting with a free clinic.

Accurate Results

While some clinics may offer free testing options, many of the tests they use are not the most up-to-date tests available to you. At Priority, we use the newest and best testing options available, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy for your results.

We strive to provide the best quality of service to you, so you can have peace of mind as fast as possible.