Free STD Testing

When you’re experiencing symptoms common to those of an STD, it can be incredibly stressful. You wish you could just close your eyes and make it go away! Unfortunately, the only reliable path back to wellness is through testing and treatment. By understanding whether your symptoms are being caused by an STD, the better your chances of getting treatment and returning to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Searching STD testing online, you will notice that there are an entire array of options available to you. Some of these tests may even be advertised as free STD testing, which sounds great on the surface. When you’re already stressed about painful and alarming symptoms, you don’t want to spend any additional time stressing about how you’re going to pay for whatever comes next.

While free STD testing can seem incredibly appealing, those options do not always provide the best experience and may not even be the best choice for your health. You spend hours in a clinic, only to wait weeks for results, all to be misdiagnosed by inaccurate testing methods? With free STD testing, you get what you pay for. You deserve better.

At Priority STD Testing, we understand that affordability matters, but affordability shouldn’t come at the cost of your health and well-being. When you’re afraid that you’ve been infected with an STD, you deserve an experience that puts you on the road to recovery, while preserving your dignity in the process.

At Priority, we restore your peace of mind by giving you an experience that is fast, easy, and completely anonymous. We also guarantee the most accurate results possible, so can feel confident in whatever results you receive.


Learn more about why Priority might be the better choice when compared to free STD testing.


Benefits of Choosing Priority over Free STD Testing

Convenient Locations

While locations for free STD testing can be few and far between, Priority has a variety of convenient locations, so you never have to travel far. Because when you’re already stressed about the possibility of having an STD, you don’t want to drive half-way across the state just to get tested. You want something close and accessible, so it’s works well for you and your schedule.

Easier Scheduling

With free STD testing, you’re usually on their schedule. Sometimes clinics are only open a handful of days in the week, and even then, they may have limited hours! When you’re experiencing the fear of having an STD, you want to get tested as soon as possible! Priority STD Testing Centers offer hours that are convenient for you, so you’re not stressing any longer than absolutely necessary.

Faster Appointments

With free STD testing comes longer waits. Not only waiting inside the clinic, which can leave you sitting for hours at a time; it can also take days to even get an appointment! When you think you have an STD, uncomfortable symptoms and all, you don’t want to wait days to get tested; you want to get tested as soon as possible! You want to get in, get out, fill your prescription, and get on with your life.

No Wait

Appointments with a Priority STD Testing Center are fast and virtually pain free. While many free STD testing services can take as long as 2 – 3 hours, the average visit time with Priority is just 10 – 15 minutes from the time you walk in the door until you are finished and on your way. We only keep you as long as it takes to test you and not a minute longer.

No Painful Swabs

Ugh, swabs! It can be one of the most intimidating and painful aspects to any STD test, but don’t worry! All of the tests used by Priority STD Testing require only a simple blood draw or urine sample. There is no painful swabbing and no long, drawn out appointment process.

Fast Results

The best part about testing with Priority is your results will be available to you much faster than other testing centers. When you’re burdened with the anxiety of having an STD, every second between getting tested and learning your results matters! While free STD testing can take 1 – 2 weeks for results, at Priority STD, you can call for your results within 24 – 72 hours.

Accurate Results

Because clinics are offering free STD testing, it often means that have to use the tests that are the cheapest. Cheapness and accuracy do not always go hand-in-hand, which is why Priority always utilizes the newest and best testing options on the market. We guarantee the the highest level of accuracy, so you can feel confident in your results.

Completely Anonymous

While our testing centers offer treatments for a variety of illnesses, free STD testing clinics frequently test for one thing: STDs. It can be embarrassing enough to talk to your own doctor about STDs, let alone be seen in public in an STD clinic. At Priority, your experience is completely anonymous, so you can get tested without any unnecessary stress.

No Uncomfortable Face-to-Face Conversations

While going to your doctor may involve an uncomfortable conversation about STDs and how you may have been exposed, at Priority STD Testing Centers, you’re only in the building for as long as it takes to give a simple blood or urine sample. The only person who will ever ask about your symptoms will be a member of the Priority team, over the phone, so we understand which test will be right for you. Not only does this save you time, it saves you the embarrassment of that in-person meeting.

Free is Not Always Free

It seems counter-intuitive: how can free STD testing cost money? Confusingly, this is frequently the case. While they advertise that testing can be “free,” these tests are actually sliding-scale, based on your income. So while testing may be free to some people, they may not be free for everyone.. So if you’re already going to pay for STD testing, why not choose Priority: where you can the best testing experience possible, for an affordable price?