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In the 2019 STD Surveillance Report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Alabama as the 8th most impacted city in America in terms of STD rates. Alabama has a population of 5 million and a rate of 638.9 sexually transmitted diseases per 100,000 residents. More specifically, in 2019, Mobile county reported 106 cases of HIV, 3,359 cases of chlamydia, 511 cases of gonorrhea, and 200 cases of syphilis. Make no mistake, STDs are on the rise in Mobile and throughout the South.

One of the leading factors behind these alarming trends is that common STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea often display no visible symptoms. So they can be contracted and passed along to sexual partners without either party suspecting a thing. And even when symptoms aren’t present, STDs can be dangerous and the sooner they are identified and treated, the easier they are to cure. Remember, the ONLY way to know for sure if you’ve contracted an STD is to get tested. With Priority STD Testing, simply select the STD test or STD tests you need, stop by a Mobile-area STD testing center, and have results in as little as 24-72 hours. Priority STD Testing aims to provide the most reliable, safest, and most confidential STD testing anywhere.

Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 09/30/2021

STD Incidence Rates in


Reported new cases of HIV in Alabama


Reported new cases of chlamydia in Alabama


Reported new cases of gonorrhea in Alabama


Reported new cases of syphilis in Alabama


Reported new cases of hepatitis B in Alabama


Reported new cases of hepatitis C in Alabama

*Data collected from the 2017 CDC Surveillance Report

STD Testing FAQs for Mobile AL

How accurate are my test results?

Every test we offer is FDA approved and processed in CLIA certified labs to ensure the highest level of accuracy. You will want to take into consideration the latency period of each STD as testing too soon after contracting can produce a false negative. If you have questions, our care counselors are standing by to assist.

Do you take walk-ins?

Once you place your order, you are free to stop by the nearest testing facility at your convenience. You do not need to call ahead or make any appointments with our STD testing centers as long as your order has been placed.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page

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Why Choose Priority STD Testing in Mobile AL?

When you go with Priority STD Testing, you can be sure that you’re getting the most convenient, most confidential, and most reliable STD testing services in all of Alabama. We aim to deliver our patients affordable STD testing with results they can trust. When it comes to finding reputable STD testing, look no further than Priority STD Testing. If you do test positive, our care counselors are standing by to discuss your STD test results, answer any sexual health questions, and help get you back on the path to wellness.

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