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Local STD Testing Center

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Laredo TX STD Testing

In a recent STD Surveillance Report, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services cites that Laredo has the 19th highest STD rate in the state of Texas. These figures reflect 1,223 cases of chlamydia and 117 cases of gonorrhea. The same report cites Webb County as one of the most impacted counties in the state in terms of total syphilis cases (86) and chlamydia (1,247) where it ranks 16th and 22nd respectively. In total, Webb County boasts a rate of 418.9 chlamydia cases per 100,000 residents and 43.3 gonorrhea cases per 100,000 residents.

With cases in Laredo and across Texas continuously on the rise, it is more important than ever before that sexually active Laredo residents seek out trusted providers of STD testing services when appropriate. Remember, many STDs are asymptomatic most of the time and even when symptoms aren’t present, STDs can be highly dangerous and highly contagious. Fortunately, Priority STD Testing makes the entire testing process simple and convenient. Just select the test(s) you need from our online catalog, stop by a local testing facility at your convenience, and have complete and trusted results in as little as 24-72 hours. And if you have questions at any point throughout the process, our care counselors are standing by ready and willing to assist.

Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 09/22/2021

STD Incidence Rates in Texas


Reported new cases of HIV in Texas


Reported new cases of chlamydia in Texas


Reported new cases of gonorrhea in Texas


Reported new cases of syphilis in Texas


Reported new cases of hepatitis B in Texas


Reported new cases of hepatitis C in Texas

*Data collected from the 2022 CDC Surveillance Report

STD Testing FAQs for Laredo Patients

What does the charge show up as on my bank statement?

You’ll never see the words “Priority STD Testing” or any mention of sexually transmitted diseases or STD testing on your bank or credit card statements. Instead, any charges relating to our company will appear as simply “SFHT”. We also accept pre-paid gift cards for added privacy.

Can I switch testing sites?

Yes, even after you’ve selected a location and ordered your test, you can still drop by any testing center in the state of Texas. If you need to visit a testing center in a different state, simply call one of our care counselors to have your requisition updated accordingly.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page

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Recognized member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015.
Named best STD test provider by Healthline on 03/24/2021.

Why Choose Priority STD Testing in Laredo TX?

That’s easy! Simply put, you won’t find a faster, more convenient, or more confidential STD testing option on the market today. With Priority STD Testing, you won’t be expected to make appointments months in advance, clear your daily schedule, or wait around for weeks for results. Just select the test you need, stop by our Laredo testing center (702 E Calton Rd #202A) or any facility in the state, and get complete and conclusive results in as little as 24-72 hours. And if you do test positive, our care counselors are standing by to assist or to put you in touch with trusted physicians should you need further assistance.

Great service, quick turnaround
The 24 hour turnaround was quicker than I expected. Staff was pleasant and the process was effortless.
Friendly staff, great at explaining procedures with patience. In and out. Results in 2 days.

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