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Local STD Testing Center

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Round Rock TX STD Testing

Round Rock is a city located in Texas, located in Williamson County (with a tiny portion in Travis), and is part of the Greater Austin, Texas metropolitan region. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual STD Surveillance Report, Austin is presently ranked 56th among the top 100 U.S. cities with the highest STD rates.

According to data, Austin has 1,006 STD cases per 100,000 residents. The following is a breakdown of these figures by STD:

8,946 cases of chlamydia
3,306 cases of gonorrhea
221 cases of HIV
310 cases of syphilis

United States in 2018 – but these figures do not include thousands of people who are unaware they have an STD.

Most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are asymptomatic, which means they can be transmitted unknowingly, and it’s frequently difficult to tell whether you have one unless you get a test.

Priority STD Testing strives to make the STD testing procedure as simple and comfortable as possible. Simply order your lab test online and drop it off at our Round Rock testing health center, or any of our Austin area testing locations at your leisure.


Every test we offer is FDA-approved and administered by experienced experts in CLIA-certified facilities. Our tests yield only clear findings for our patients. We have tests for numerous STDs at our clinics, including HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, oral herpes, trichomoniasis, syphilis, HPV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Our testing processes are rapid and non-invasive, and most patients are in and out in less than half an hour. Testing services include a physician referral and once collected, a patient’s sample is submitted to one of our laboratories for processing, and results are collated and returned in as little as 24-72 hours.

Priority STD Testing is the best option in STD screening in the Round Rock region. Find a lab near you, order your test online and visit one of our nearby sites whenever it is convenient for you.

Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 10/8/2021

STD Incidence Rates in Texas


Reported new cases of HIV in Texas


Reported new cases of chlamydia in Texas


Reported new cases of gonorrhea in Texas


Reported new cases of syphilis in Texas


Reported new cases of hepatitis B in Texas


Reported new cases of hepatitis C in Texas

*Data collected from the 2022 CDC Surveillance Report

STD Testing FAQs

How do I get my test results?

Your test results are available via a secure login that is unique to your order and is updated 24 hours a day, including incomplete findings. When your final results are ready, you will be contacted discreetly through email. As a rush order, test results are generally processed within 24 to 72 hours of visiting the Round Rock STD testing center. If you have any concerns regarding your results or need a treatment consultation, please contact one of our care counselors. To protect your privacy, nothing will ever be sent to your home or healthcare provider. Certified diagnostic specialists have validated our testing technique.

Do I need an appointment after ordering?

After you have ordered your test, there is no need for you to make an appointment at any one of our STD testing centers. Your lab test order is valid for 90 days and can be used immediately after you place it. Your entire appointment should take no more than 15 to 30 minutes.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page

Verified STD testing provider by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 12/01/2020.
Recognized member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015.
Named best STD test provider by Healthline on 03/24/2021.

Why Choose Priority STD Testing in Round Rock TX?

Our aim at Priority STD Testing is to provide our patients with the most confidential, accurate, and timely STD testing services possible.

When dealing with a patient’s sexual health, we owe it to them to respect their privacy and to be completely professional. Our patients are never singled out or placed in potentially humiliating or unpleasant situations at our institutions. There are no appointments required, and most people are in and out in less than half an hour.

Furthermore, we will never contact you by phone or email without your prior agreement, and we will never send you anything in the mail that includes our name or refers to the services we offer. You can rest assured that your visit will be confidential.

Our tests do not necessitate the use of a swab or any other form of visual inspection. A simple blood and urine sample is all that is required for one of our STD tests.

There is never a bad moment to be tested for STDs, but it can be intimidating if it’s your first time. A 10-panel STD test is the ideal option for anybody seeking to get tested for all of the most prevalent STDs in just one visit.

Our 10-panel test provides comprehensive STD testing, removing the uncertainty for you and your partner. Priority STD Testing in Round Rock, TX 78681 provides easy, confidential, and low-cost STD test results, allowing you to feel secure about your condition.

We recognize that circumstances are unique between individuals, and it’s impossible to cover every potential case in a few short lines. It is completely acceptable to make inquiries about your sexual health and personal well-being. If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want someone to point you in the right direction, our care counselors are accessible via phone or online chat.

We can supply you with all of the information you need to make a health insurance claim. We will never charge your insurance directly to keep your findings entirely confidential and off of your permanent health record.

Super quick and easy
Super quick and easy! I had some questions about results and was able to get someone on the phone immediately. So much more convenient than a doctor's visit.
Easy and accessible
It was fairly easy to use. Was able to see my results everything was pretty straightforward.

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