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Local STD Testing Center

Local STD Testing Center

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Alexandria STD Testing

As a trusted STD test provider, Priority STD Testing offers professional STD testing in Alexandria, VA to build a roadmap to greater sexual health. When residents of Alexandria need STD testing services, they look to the fast and reliable tests offered by our CLIA-certified testing locations.

With Priority STD Testing, patients can get the test results they need on their own schedule. Simply select the STD tests you need and stop by one of our local testing facilities when it’s convenient for you. No appointments and no crowded waiting rooms are necessary. We have two STD testing center locations in Alexandria (3526 King St. and 6162 Fuller Ct.) with several more just a short drive away for added convenience.

Medically reviewed by Hilary Davidson Medical Writer
Reviewed on 07/21/2021

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends sexually transmitted disease testing for all sexually active individuals.1 According to the Virginia STD Surveillance Report by the Virginia Department of Health, the rate of sexually transmitted infections for chlamydia in Alexandria increased from 426.7 cases per 100,000 residents to 528.1 cases from 2015 to 2019.2 This falls almost directly in line with the sexually transmitted disease incidence rates of Virginia as a whole, which increased from 434.0 to 555.9 in that same timeframe.

As infections continue to increase across Virginia, and throughout Alexandria specifically, it is more important than ever to seek out affordable and reputable STD testing centers. The sooner you receive testing and treatment, the sooner you can regain confidence in your sexual health.


STD Incidence Rates in Virginia


Reported new cases of HIV in Virginia


Reported new cases of chlamydia in Virginia


Reported new cases of gonorrhea in Virginia


Reported new cases of syphilis in Virginia


Reported new cases of hepatitis B in Virginia


Reported new cases of hepatitis C in Virginia

*Data collected from the 2022 CDC Surveillance Report

STD Testing FAQs for Alexandria Patients

What should I expect when getting tested in Alexandria, VA?

At both of our Alexandria STD testing locations, our patients can expect fast and discreet service that doesn’t jeopardize their privacy or put them in an embarrassing situation. Simply stop by at your convenience and be in and out in under a half-hour.

Can I switch STD testing sites in Alexandria?

Yes! Your lab order can be used at either Alexandria, VA, testing center, or at any Priority STD Testing center throughout Virginia. If you need to get tested in a different state after you’ve already placed an order, simply contact a care counselor.

What should I do if I test positive?

If any lab test should come back positive, our care counselors are available to discuss treatment options and next steps. We also offer treatment options for some of the more common sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea that can be sent to your local Alexandira pharmacy.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our FAQs page.


Verified STD testing provider by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 12/01/2020.
Recognized member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015.
Named best STD test provider by Healthline on 03/24/2021.

Why Choose Priority STD Testing in Alexandria VA

At Priority STD Testing, we promise to deliver fast, reliable, and confidential STD testing services for the people of Alexandria, VA. Our patients’ health and privacy are of the utmost importance, and we’ll never do anything to jeopardize trust in our testing services.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, the case rate of STDs in Alexandria, Virginia is growing exponentially, for instance, gonorrhea increased at a rate of 66.9 and syphilis at a rate of 32.6, as indicated by the state department’s annual report.[4,5] In light of this, it is imperative that sexually active persons search for providers that offer STD tests with accurate results while respecting privacy.

Priority STD Testing offers same-day STD testing to help people, like yourself, avoid the health complications that may result from contracting sexually transmitted infections. While other health centers in Alexandria, Virginia may use uncomfortable collection methods such as swabbing, we only require either a urine test or blood tests to provide an accurate diagnosis. Whether you need a chlamydia test, early HIV detection, or a comprehensive STD panel, we provide the means for you to get tested today!

Peace of mind
This is my first time ordering a test and I couldn’t believe just how hassle-free it was. I truly never thought I would be in the position of having to get tested. (But here I am) Feeling embarrassed and a bit stressed I found this website. The process was simple and discreet. They even notified me when my results were back. Highly recommend!
Testing was easy, the results were quick and customer support was great!
Very helpful
I interacted with three different individuals, two over the phone and one in person. Each of them were kind, professional, and knowledgeable which was very appreciated as I was anxious about having to get tested. The process of getting tested was fast and they were even able to get started with me before the set time. I am very satisfied with my experience.
Can’t say enough good things
Can’t say enough good things. The whole process was seamless. I wanted to get tested ASAP and wanted the results as soon as possible as well and that’s exactly what I got. I found the Priority STD testing website, paid for my test, and got tested all in the same hour. Results were quick and I’m at peace of mind knowing I had nothing to worry about. Luke was emailing me every step of the way keeping me updated on the process. I would definitely recommend!

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