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Getting Tested

Setting up an STD testing appointment has never been easier. Schedule a test online, or call 1-888-211-2365 to speak with one of our trained health counselors.

With over 4,000 confidential STD testing locations, finding a local testing center is quick and convenient. All tests are FDA approved and performed in a laboratory environment. You'll spend no more than 15-minutes at the testing site, after which results are processed.

Our STD test results take just 24-72 hours to process! Patients can check the status of results at any point in time by calling 1-888-211-2365. Should a result come back positive, our physicians can prescribe treatment to any pharmacy in the nation.

At Priority STD Testing, we're determined to keep our patients' health the most important part of our business. We offer testing centers throughout the entire United States to assure that our patients always have a convenient location for testing. We fully understand that confidentiality is a big concern, so we make sure that all of our testing is kept off insurance and permanent health records. Our key to success is ensuring our patients are always treated professionally, because health and wellbeing is our number one concern. Not only that, but our testing service is fast and easy. Give us a call at 1-888-211-2365 to get started today!