QUIZ: How do I know if I have Gonorrhea?

If you’re asking yourself, “how do I know if I have gonorrhea,” unfortunately, the answer may not be easy to find. Gonorrhea is one of the most common STDs in the US, with the CDC estimating 820,000 cases of gonorrhea annually. Reported cases of...

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A young woman scratching her arm, similar to someone with scabies.

Is Scabies an STD?

Is scabies an STD? In short, no. This contagious skin condition is most commonly passed through non-sexual skin-to-skin contact. However, it can technically be considered a sexually transmitted disease or infection because it is commonly spread through sexual and other intimate contact. What is...

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An interacial couple smiling and looking adoringly at one another.

How Often Should I Get Tested for STDs?

How often you should get tested for STDs and STIs is different for everyone and depends on a lot of personal aspects relating to your sex life. In general, getting tested annually is the absolute minimum for sexually active adults, but there are a...

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Woman holding stomach, concerned about STDs and Pregnancy.

STDs and Pregnancy

The relationship between STDs and pregnancy is a fraught one. If you’re pregnant and are infected with an STD or STI, there’s a possibility that your infection is affecting not only you, but your unborn baby also, and that can be scary because many...

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A man wondering about the truth on how it is to contract HIV.

How Hard Is It To Contract HIV?

If you’re wondering how hard is it to contract HIV, chances are it’s because of the many misconceptions surrounding HIV. There are lots of myths people fall for, which can be difficult to dispel. Many people don’t learn about HIV and AIDS in school....

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A loving couple who know and use safe sex practices.

11 Safe Sex Practices That Actually Work

If you are sexually active, you need to ensure that you are always having the safest sex possible. This can help you drastically reduce the risk of catching STDs such as herpes and HIV. This may be the unglamorous side of being sexually active,...

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Charlie Sheen Reveals HIV Status

Charlie Sheen was once again at the front and center of news headlines earlier this week when he announced his HIV positive status during an appearance on the TODAY Show. His brave announcement further brought home the notion that HIV infection is an issue...

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