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Local, Fast & Confidential STD Testing locations in Los Angeles, California

Finding a testing center that offers confidential and local screenings doesn’t have to be complicated. STD Testing Los Angeles offers screenings at several different locations across the city so you can find one that is convenient for you.  When you test with us you won’t be left sitting in the waiting room for an hour waiting for your appointment and there are no embarrassing exams to endure. It’s just a 10-15 minute appointment where you give you blood or urine sample, then you’re on with your day. Results are ready in 24-72 hours. Contact us today to find STD Testing in Los Angeles.

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How it Works

  • Order your test online or by phone.
  • Visit one of our confidential testing labs.
  • Results are reported back in 24-72 hours.
  • Receive treatment if necessary.
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Why Choose An STD Testing Location in Los Angeles

Test As Soon As Possible

You don’t have to schedule an appointment ahead of time in order to be STD tested when you choose Priority STD Testing. Our testing centers in Los Angeles can provide testing the same day. This means less time stressing about what your results might be and you’ll get your peace of mind much faster. There are convenient hours throughout the week and even on Saturdays, so you can find a time that works well for your schedule.


When you choose to get STD tested, it is a very personal experience. We respect your privacy every step of the way. We’ve put steps in place to protect your privacy at every step of the testing process. Priority STD Testing in Los Angeles will never contact you directly by phone. We also pledge to not send you any correspondence via mail or email. In order to obtain your test results we ask that you call in to one of our care counselors and verify your personal information to confirm your identity first in order to guarantee ultimate confidentiality. When you receive your band or credit billing statements, our name is listed simply as “SFHT.”

Fast, Convenient Appointments

Living in a city like Los Angeles, you’re probably used to the fast-paced life of the city. Taking hours out of your day to get tested isn’t always an option. This could mean having to ask for time off of work, or not being able to get everything done that you need to, or even missing out on important plans. It’s common now to wait an hour or more for a doctor’s appointment. That’s not always possible. When you choose a Priority STD testing center your visit will be quick enough that you can stop by on your lunch break, or on your way to work. The appointment only takes about 15 minutes to complete, and then you’re back to your regularly scheduled activities for the day.

Accurate Results, Quickly

Waiting for STD test results is a stressful time. We make it our mission to minimize the amount of stress you experience when getting tested. After you complete your test, you can contact us within 24-72 to get your test results. Choosing to test at a free clinic could mean spending a week or two worrying about the outcome of your results. When you test with Priority, you have the peace of mind you need receiving the most accurate results possible. We use FDA approved STD tests our Los Angeles labs that use the newest STD detection technology with the highest quality tests. There are many free STD clinics in Los Angeles that may not use tests that are as high quality.

We Provide Treatment

Should you receive positive test results, we are here for you. We will talk you through what your results mean, what to do next and help you get a plan for treatment in place. A positive result for either Gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis can be treated by one of our physicians. Treatment is called in to the pharmacy of your choice for your convenience. With Priority, you can begin treatment as soon as possible.


Order your test online or by phone. Our simple process is fast and private.


Visit one of our confidential testing labs. We have over 4000 local locations.


Results are processed in just 24-72 hours. Receive treatment if necessary.

Our Promise To You

Our team of trained, sexual health counselors are here to support you and assist in any way we can. We will answer all of your questions about STDs, the STD testing process, and address any concerns you may have with the respect and care you deserve. Choosing the right testing panel for your situation doesn’t have to be confusing. That’s what we’re here for.

Our physicians are committed to providing you with reliable and caring support for your STD testing need. We are here for you from when you take your first step toward testing until you receive your results.