Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for New Couples

When you’re dating someone new, coming up with Valentine’s Day date ideas can be daunting. You don’t want to go too big or bold too soon, but you also don’t want to underplay the holiday for fear of potentially upsetting your new partner. Here are a few different date ideas for you and your valentine that are lowkey but still fun and thoughtful.

Make a Home-Cooked Meal

If you’re looking to do something different than the usual dinner date, try cooking a nice dinner for you and your valentine. Not only is it cheaper than eating at a fancy restaurant (and much easier to get a reservation), it’s a thoughtful gesture that’s more meaningful than a dinner out.

If cooking isn’t either your or your valentine’s strong suit, try a couple’s cooking class instead. Learning new skills and accomplishing something together is a great way to grow a relationship, and it definitely makes for a memorable date night.

Have a Bonfire

It will definitely require some skill and planning, but having a bonfire is a fun way to stay warm on a frosty Valentines Day. Whether you’re lighting up the fire pit in your backyard or roughing it in the outdoors, cozying up to your valentine in front of the fire is sure to be a romantic evening. Roast s’mores or enjoy other campfire snacks, and stay warm with hot cocoa or a boozy beverage.

No matter what activities your date entails, it’s important to be safe, and if you plan to host a bonfire, that includes fire safety.

Go on a Ghost Tour

Getting ghosted on Valentines Day might not be your idea of a great time, but going on a ghost tour with your valentine is certain to be a frighteningly good time.

If you live in or near an older city, chances are there are a few ghosts hanging around, and a few people who are more than happy to introduce them to you and your valentine. Ghost tours are a great way to explore your city in a different light (or lack thereof) and learn more about its history. Plus, many ghost tours incorporate other activities, like dinner or a bar crawl. What better way to grow closer with your valentine than to hold onto each other for dear life?

Take a Pottery Class

Speaking of ghosts, a pottery class is another fun, hands-on date activity. You’ll both feel the satisfaction of learning a new skill and making something together. A lot of pottery studios offer date night specials, especially around Valentines Day, so check your local studios for events.

Have a Night at the Museum

A museum is a great locale for mixing up your date routine from the typical dinner, drinks or a movie. And you might not have to stick to going during typical business hours, either. More and more museums are hosting evening events, like cocktail hours, concerts and more. Check with your local museums, botanical gardens, science centers and more for the perfect event for you and your valentine.

Get Couples STD Testing

Sure, it might not seem like the most romantic date ever, but Valentines Day is about showing your partner that you care about them, and what better way to showcase that you care about them and their health than to get tested?

Partners who get tested before their first sexual encounter can drastically reduce the risk of passing a sexually transmitted disease or infection to their new partner. When both you and your valentine know your status, you can seek the treatment you need, if necessary, and practice safer sex, preventing more hassle for you both later on.

Regardless of which of these Valentines Day date ideas you chose, the most important thing is that you and your valentine have a safe, fun time together.