Does Insurance Cover STD Testing?

A common question we hear is, does insurance cover STD testing? Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy question to answer.

How much it costs to get tested for STDs will always depend on where you get tested and what tests you have done. If you get tested somewhere that does not accept insurance, you’ll know what the costs related to testing are, because they’re likely the same for everyone. However, if you do go somewhere that accepts insurance, how much your testing will cost will depend on, again, where you go, but also what kind of insurance you have.

If you have insurance, your insurance provider will probably pay for a trip to the doctor’s office, an urgent care center or a clinic. Typically, in these instances, you will still be charged a copay for the visit, and how much that copay costs depends on where you go and what your insurance charges.

However, your copay is just the cost to get in the door. Health testing of any kind is typically an additional charge. Again, whether or not you’re charged and how much you’re charged depends on your insurance coverage and where you go for testing. The best way to know what is and isn’t covered is to contact your insurance provider.

Pros and cons of going to a doctor, clinic or urgent care center

Something to consider when going to any healthcare provider that accepts your insurance is that your testing and results will go on your medical record and likely be reported to your insurance provider, which could affect your coverage. It also means that any other healthcare provider you see afterward will know that you’ve been tested, which can make some people uncomfortable.

However, some people are just more comfortable talking to their doctor about their health and concerns. While some can be embarrassed when talking to a physician they see regularly about STDs, others might be more relaxed and have a more open relationship with their doctor.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that you think might be related to an STD, going to a doctor’s office or urgent care center means that, in the event that your symptoms are being caused by something that isn’t an STD, whoever you see will be able to diagnose what the cause of the issue is and get you the right treatment. Because they’re not specifically focused on STD testing and treatment, they’ll be able to better diagnose your symptoms and get you the right treatment.

Pros and cons of getting tested at Priority STD Testing

Because Priority STD Testing does not accept insurance, you will always know the price of your testing. Priority STD Testing charges one flat fee based on what you’re going to be tested for and how many tests you order. There are no surprise or hidden costs, like there can sometimes be when using your health insurance. This also means that the history of your testing or the results will not go on your health record or be reported to your insurance provider.

However, there are some cons to going to Priority STD Testing. If you’re looking to have symptoms examined and aren’t sure whether or not they’re STD related, going to Priority STD Testing will only test for the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection and not any other kind of infection or issue. If you’re experiencing symptoms and aren’t sure what the cause is, you might be better off going to a doctor’s office, urgent care or a clinic.

We know that the expense of STD testing, or the fear of not knowing how much it will cost, can sometimes prevent people from getting tested. No matter where you go to get tested, the important thing is to get tested and know your status. Practicing safer sex, which includes knowing the status of you and your partners, will save you the worry, cost and hassle of more trips to the doctor’s office.