Pregnancy After 30: Risks and Benefits

Whether seeking financial stability before starting families or adding a final member to their broods, expecting moms in their 30s will experience pregnancy far differently than women in their 20s. Women in their 30s have a higher likelihood of needing C-sections and a higher...

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microscope next to pap smear test tube and swab

Does a Pap Smear Test for STDs?

For a lot of women, an annual pap smear or Well Woman Exam, might be the only time they discuss their sexual health with a medical professional. Gynecologists are physicians specializing in female reproductive health—including sexually transmitted diseases. When it’s time for your annual...

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graphic of hospital, stethoscope, clipboard and syringe

Can I Go To The Emergency Room For An STD?

The short answer is yes–you can go to the emergency room to be tested for an STD. Whether you would like to get tested as a precautionary measure or are experiencing a physical manifestation you think might be related to an STD, you can...

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graphic of test tubes, microscope and test results clipboard

Do Positive STD Results Take Longer?

Waiting for your test results can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and sexual health. However, there are many reasons to explain longer waiting times for STD results. While it can be easy to imagine the worst, it’s...

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Are All STDs Curable?

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease is certainly no one’s idea of a good time. Though untreated STDs can linger and cause lasting side effects (even when symptoms are not present), most STDs can be cured fairly easily when identified and treated early on. In...

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Will The Pill Protect Me From STDs?

Does birth control prevent STDs? While the birth control pill is a popular and highly effective form of pregnancy prevention, the notion that the pill can protect you from contracting an STD or STI is just one of the many STD myths floating around....

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Can You Get an STD From a Swimming Pool?

The sun is shining and the smell of barbecue fills the air–a perfect day for swimming–and the last thing you want to worry about is whether you can get an STD from a swimming pool. There is a multitude of STD myths that circulate...

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man and woman wondering about which STDs are contagious

Are STDs Contagious?

While each sexually transmitted disease (STD) can pose varying degrees of transmission risk and methods in which they can be spread, all STDs are contagious. STDs can be spread at any time after initial infection, certain STIs have periods of viral shedding when the...

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representation of std sore locations, including the mouth and genital areas, accompanied by cartoon representations of herpes, HPV and Syphilis

STD Sores: What Do They Look Like?

While most STDs show no visible STD symptoms and are difficult to diagnose without a proper STD test, there are several that can cause STD sores around the genital region. Noticing an unsightly sore or bump can understandably have you fearing the worst, but...

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