Does Urgent Care do STD Testing?

You may be wondering, does urgent care do STD testing? The short answer is: yes. However, the urgent care may not be the best choice for getting annual or regular testing. Since the list of all STDs is a topic that people would, understandably, rather avoid, it is important to choose the testing option best for you. While most urgent centers do offer testing, there are certain situations in which you might benefit from going to a testing center for STD testing instead.

STD testing at urgent care

The main reason people are more likely to go to urgent care than their doctor’s office is that they can typically walk into an urgent care without the need for an appointment, making it seem like a faster alternative.

Going to an urgent care center may also relieve people of the embarrassment that can be associated with visiting their primary healthcare physician. Some may prefer to have that conversation with a nurse or doctor with who they are not acquainted.

Another reason someone might go to urgent care is if their insurance provider covers urgent care visits. While this may seem like a cheaper alternative to clinics and testing centers that don’t accept insurance, patients may not realize that they may have additional testing fees or copays. It may be difficult to estimate upfront how much they’ll need to pay out-of-pocket or if their insurance covers STD testing at that specific lab.

STD testing at Priority STD Testing

Priority STD Testing offers many of the same conveniences as urgent care, but guarantees private, fast and comprehensive STD testing at specialized labs.

At Priority STD Testing, you can set up a testing appointment online for the same or next day, be in and out of the testing center within 30 minutes and have your results ready in a matter of days. All our test prices are comparable to or cheaper than an urgent care, without a lengthy stay in a waiting room. After providing some basic information to a care counselor online, all you need to do is show up for your testing, provide the necessary sample(s) and leave.

Most importantly, the entire testing process and your results are kept private. Because Priority STD Testing does not accept insurance, there are no surprises as to what the cost of testing will be. Additionally, because the testing is not processed through health insurance, results or records will not be reported to your insurance provider or be part of your personal health record.

If you should have questions regarding the testing process or your results, our trained care counselors are available for advice, direction and support to help you achieve sexual wellness.

When should you go to urgent care instead of a testing center?

While the testing experiences at urgent care and a testing center like Priority STD Testing are comparable in a lot of ways, sometimes it is better to go to one place rather than the other. In general, it is best to go to urgent care for situations that do not require testing.

Situations that do not require testing are best suited for urgent cares since they are not equipped to perform prompt testing services and require samples to be sent to a third-party lab. This may cause delays in results and may even have hidden, surprise lab fees, depending on your insurance.

If you are already confident that you have contracted an STD, based on the positive status of a partner, an urgent care may be able to provide same-day treatment. However, they usually require re-testing on their end before treatment can be given. Also, long lines at the clinic may prolong waiting times unnecessarily.

While it may be tempting to drive down to your local urgent care to resolve potential STD symptoms, it is best to visit for cases such as injuries, immunizations or routine physicals.

When should you go to a testing center instead?

Due to the frequently asymptomatic and sensitive nature of STIs, it is best to choose the most reliable option for testing. Overall, STD testing is best left for reliable online services that specialize in lab-based testing such as Priority STD Testing.

Going to the urgent care for testing services could extend the wait of other patients, introduce surprise lab fees or lengthen the waiting time for your results. However, specialized online services such as Priority STD Testing offer speedy, private and detailed STD testing and peace of mind. Our prices can be taken at face value, and our testing is always performed by CLIA certified and FDA approved labs.

Find a lab near you to receive prompt, private and trustworthy STD testing services with us today.