A young woman scratching her arm, similar to someone with scabies.

Is Scabies an STD?

Is scabies an STD? In short, no. This contagious skin condition is most commonly passed through non-sexual skin-to-skin contact. However, it can technically be considered a sexually transmitted disease or infection because it is commonly spread through sexual and other intimate contact. What is...

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A loving couple, wrapped in a blanket, susceptible to STDs from oral sex.

Can You Get an STD From Oral Sex?

While oral sex greatly reduces the risk of pregnancy for partners that can get pregnant, you still stand the risk of getting an STD from oral sex. There are a few different STDs you can contract through oral sex and a few different ways...

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Two friends discussing symptoms of STDs in males.

Know the Facts: Symptoms of STDs in Males

When looking at STD symptoms in males, or in females, for that matter, it’s important to acknowledge that the most common symptom for anyone living with an STD is to have no symptoms at all. While being asymptomatic is a common symptom in and...

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Condoms in pink wrappers, laying against a bright yellow background.

What are the Chances of Getting an STD with a Condom?

Figuring out the chances of getting an STD with a condom on isn’t as simple as citing a statistic. There are a lot of different factors that can affect your chances of contracting an STD even if you’re using a condom. Latex condoms have...

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Bespectacled woman, searching "Is STD testing at home accurate?" online.

Is STD Testing at Home Accurate?

Getting tested for STDs can be an embarrassing process, whether it’s broaching the conversation with your doctor or waiting to be seen at a free clinic. As such, it’s no wonder that the prospect of STD testing at home has risen in popularity. The...

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A woman of East Asian descent, wondering quietly to herself.

QUIZ: How Do I Know If I Have Herpes?

Herpes is a very common STD, and it’s possible to have contracted the virus and not exhibit any herpes symptoms. So how do you know if you have herpes? Before we answer that question, let’s first answer some common questions about herpes. What is...

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An interacial couple smiling and looking adoringly at one another.

How Often Should I Get Tested for STDs?

How often you should get tested for STDs and STIs is different for everyone and depends on a lot of personal aspects relating to your sex life. In general, getting tested annually is the absolute minimum for sexually active adults, but there are a...

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Photo of dice on bright green background.

Can I Get an STD More Than Once?

Can you get an STD more than once? More specifically, can you get the same STD more than once? There are a few factors that influence the answers to those questions. With some STDs, you can’t contract them more than once, because just once...

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A young and stylish woman against a yellow background, shy about asking getting STD tested while on her period.

Can I Get STD Tested While On My Period?

“Can I get STD tested while on my period?” is a common question we’re asked, so if you’re wondering the same thing, you’re not alone. There are a few reasons why you might think being on your period could affect your STD test results,...

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A young, bespectacled woman, wondering how to tell if you have a UTI or an STD.

How to Tell if You Have a UTI or an STD

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if you have a UTI or an STD. Sometimes, UTIs can present with symptoms that are similar to some symptoms of sexually transmitted infections, and vice versa. In this blog, we’ll discuss the differences between the two...

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