Woman, looking into the distance, wondering about STDs from Trying on Bathing Suits.

Can You Get an STD From Trying on Bathing Suits?

Can you get an STD from trying on bathing suits? It’s a common question, and for good reason. It’s tempting to try on an article of clothing that’s new, in the store, with the tags on, and not remind yourself just how many other...

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Young happy couple who are open and honest about STDs and relationships.

STDs and Relationships: What You Need to Know

There’s a lot of stigma that surrounds STDs. Jokes about STDs are often used to belittle someone who is sexually active or has had multiple partners, when the reality of the situation is that STDs and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are very common amongst...

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People waiting around for free STD testing.

Is Free STD Testing Right for You?

Free STD testing may sound good in theory, but there are a few pitfalls in practice that you as a patient need to be aware of. There are most likely options for free STD testing nearby and available to you, either from your local...

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A woman wondering, "what is trichomonal vaginitis?"

What Is Trichomonal Vaginitis?

Anyone who is sexually active needs to be concerned about sexually transmitted infections, including trichomonal vaginitis. There is a range of different STDs and STIs, including this infection, that can cause a variety of problems. Some diseases can be treated with a quick course...

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Intimate couple who have already talked about testing before sex.

Should I Ask For an STD Test Before Sex?

Many people have different views and opinions on whether you should ask for an STD test before sex. However, there’s only one real answer to the question “should I ask for an STD test before sex?” Almost 100% of the time, the answer is...

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A man wondering about the truth on how it is to contract HIV.

How Hard Is It To Contract HIV?

If you’re wondering how hard is it to contract HIV, chances are it’s because of the many misconceptions surrounding HIV. There are lots of myths people fall for, which can be difficult to dispel. Many people don’t learn about HIV and AIDS in school....

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An endearing gay couple holding hands.

How Common are STDs in the US?

Studies show that STDs are still being spread at an alarming rate all over the world. But how common are STDs in the US? How Common are STDs in the US? There are 20 million new STD infections each year. There are 110 million...

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A couple having coffee, smiling, talking about whether there is a cure for genital warts.

Is There a Cure For Genital Warts?

What Are Genital Warts? 360,000 people in the USA develop genital warts every year. It is spread easily with skin to skin contact, usually during sex, and one of the more common STDs. There are treatments for your genital wart symptoms, but unless you...

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A photo to help illustrate What is STD Testing?

What Is STD Testing?

STD testing is essential for any person who is sexually active, especially those who have or have had multiple sexual partners. There are certain contraceptive measures, including oral contraception, that can help you practice safer sex by preventing pregnancy; however, these methods don’t always...

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A loving couple who know and use safe sex practices.

11 Safe Sex Practices That Actually Work

If you are sexually active, you need to ensure that you are always having the safest sex possible. This can help you drastically reduce the risk of catching STDs such as herpes and HIV. This may be the unglamorous side of being sexually active,...

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