How to Have a Convo With Your Partner About STDs

Whether it’s your first sexual experience or you have had multiple partners, starting a conversation with your partner about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can feel awkward and intimidating. However, having a conversation about STD testing shows that you care and are responsible for your and your partner’s sexual health. Having such a conversation can even bring you closer. Here are some tips on handling a talk about STD tests with your partner.

Conversation Starters

The first step in understanding how to ask someone to get tested is knowing when to start the conversation. The best time to start a conversation about getting tested is before having sex for the first time with a new partner. Of course, if you’re going into the conversation simply wondering how to ask someone if they have an STD, it may not go over well. Being this blunt could be offensive, open up the possibility of dishonesty, or put you and your partner’s sexual health at risk. If you’re feeling anxious, try any of these conversation starters. They may seem odd at first but will do an excellent job of easing you into the conversation.

  • It is hard to discuss this issue, but I care about you and believe it is necessary. How do you feel about going for STD testing together?
  • I love spending time with you, and before we take our relationship to the next level, I wanted to discuss getting tested for STDs together.
  • I was recently tested for STDs. Have you undergone any testing?

Things to Keep in Mind

Getting tested entails confronting the possibility that you may have an STD, which may induce anxiety. Here are a few things to mind during the discussion.

Stay Positive

Getting tested for STDs does not imply that you are cheating or do not trust your new partner or spouse. It is about your partner having safe sex and protecting your sexual health. Stay positive to relieve the tension about the topic and make your partner comfortable.

Consider Context & Timing

When discussing STD test results with your partner, avoiding distractions is crucial. Choose a private location where both of you feel peaceful and at ease. Turning off mobile phones and the television may help reduce disruptions during such a conversation.


Although it may seem strange initially, practicing how you want to approach the subject with your partner is a good idea. Learning how to communicate about STDs with a new partner might be challenging, but repeating the words and phrases out loud may help soothe your fears.

Inform Yourself

Understanding the facts about STDs may reduce anxiety during the conversation with your partner. For example, in the U.S., there are approximately 20 million STD cases annually. Knowing your facts will inform you how each STD varies with its underlying myths and misconceptions.

What to Do If Your Partner Tells You They Have or Have Had An STD

It is the news you didn’t expect to hear. Various thoughts may be flooding your mind. If they have an STD, try to stay calm and reassure them they’re not alone. If they had certain STDs, they should get tested again due to the high chances of reinfection. Your partner’s best course of action would be to follow the physician’s treatment plan. Following the treatment plan involves taking medication every day to prevent future outbreaks.

Make Getting Tested Together a Priority

Getting tested for STDs can be fun and induce intimate feelings for you and your partner since it shows that you are responsible and caring. Before you take a step toward your first intimate experience, take the crucial step of getting tested. Priority STD cares about your sexual health and offers a discount for couples who get tested together!